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Online Success Journey

May 18, 2023

Alan Tarr is the Founder and Chief Content Officer of "How To Write Copy" at Write Like A Madman University, and he loves to write. Alan trained at a top-five Madison Avenue ad agency, and has spent over 35 years writing copy for large international corporations (like Nissan) right down to the local bakery.

He has created Jingles (Taco Joe’s, Narpro), Jokes for TV (Merv Griffin Show), and Song parodies for MAD Magazine. He has four published and has recorded songs of his own Dozens of TV, Radio, and Print ad campaigns, as well as website and Email campaign content and over 95 published articles all in all.

Alan is the guy who has developed and written an online University with 8 copywriting courses and 7 loaded toolboxes containing over 310 individual learning experiences.