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Online Success Journey

May 4, 2023

Sophie Howard has started, scaled, and sold six and seven-figure online businesses. She knows what works when it comes to growing an online business. Sophie is here to help you find freedom with a business that works for your life. 

Aspiring Entrepreneurs is the home of Sophie Howard. It's a community designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs build a business and a life that serves them. There's no fluff, jet planes or Lamborghinis - just powerful advice and inspiration on all things related to starting and growing a successful online business.

Sophie started online with an Amazon business in 2013, which she sold for over $1 million USD in 2015. As well as launching over 1000 products, she has built educational programs teaching thousands of students how to sell Amazon products and self-publish ebooks on Kindle. Sophie has spoken on stages around the world, teaching and inspiring other aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve success.

Sophie lives in Wanaka, New Zealand, and juggles her business portfolio with two young children, a horse, and running in the mountains.