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Online Success Journey

Jun 23, 2022

Jennifer was faced with many questions during her midlife self reinvention at the age of 50. Finding herself divorced, an empty-nester, unemployed and bedridden with a serious illness, she knows how daunting it can feel when all the messaging in our culture is telling us that we have somehow become a diminished version of our former selves just because we've reached a certain age. She would argue that we are in fact just coming into the most powerful point in our lives.

Old Chicks Know Sh*t is a tongue in cheek expression she uses to open the door to a serious conversation. It's about reminding ourselves that we are so much more than our age, our faces, and our bodies. We are knowledge, experience, and wisdom. 

Jennifer hopes to help you see your own power, wisdom and capability reflected back to you when you need it most, inspiring you to chase your dreams, defy cultural stereotypes and do things you never thought possible. This is not the end of living but rather, just the end of a chapter, and there are many many more exciting chapters to come.