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Online Success Journey

Dec 17, 2021

Author and Transformational Life Coach Kelley Cunningham offers her personal story of how she faced a 27 month season of multilayers of abrupt adversity, numerous emotional losses and tremendous life struggles, in her family including a split-second in time that quite literally swiped her and her family’s lives sideways. All combined to try to tear down the blissful life they had built together, but they rose within the wreckage, and Kelley dug her heals in and learned to lean on the powerful energy of joy - lifting her through to thrive. In Kelley’s book “The Power Of Joy: The Ultimate Guide to Living your Best Life Ever” she shows us simple ways to thrive when faced with unsurmountable and overwhelming circumstances.

It was during an extremely turbulent season where Kelley discovered how to support others, becoming certified as a professional life coach and started her own business, becoming the C.J.O. (Chief Joy Officer) of JoyINC.

She’s a proud mom of three amazing kids and has been married over 22 years to her incredible husband Jeffery living on both sides of the border in the U.S.A and Canada. Her broad spectrum of transitions and life experiences makes her an amazing mentor and coach, partnering with others to achieve exponential personal growth while fostering new levels of success in all areas of their lives.