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Online Success Journey

Feb 22, 2018

Joe Valley is an equity partner at Quiet Light Brokerage, and has been with the firm since 2012. Joining after selling his own eCommerce business through Quiet Light Brokerage, Joe has personally closed over $35,000,000 in total transactions and is now the Director of Brokerage Services. Joe understands the importance of valuation and exit planning, and most of his clients do not list their businesses for sale right away. He finds the best approach is to plan well in advance for a sale in order to get maximum value. His first advice is generally to hold the business and not sell at all. But inevitably some owners have plans to retire, partners that are not working out, have a need to take some money “off the table”, or they are startup entrepreneurs looking to move onto their next project. Joe has expertise advising and brokering in all web based niches, including SaaS, eCommerce, Amazon FBA, Affiliate, and many others. Joe recently wrote 10 Steps to Selling Your Amazon Business, and walks all web based business owners through the process of a business valuation, calculating potential taxes, listing the business for sale, all the way through to closing, training and transition. Recently featured on The Amazing Seller Podcast, Joe can lend his expertise, and advise other entrepreneurs who have built or bought a web based business and are considering an exit.