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Online Success Journey

Apr 14, 2016

Rachel Parker, CEO, Resonance Content Marketing A self-described geek who can recite entire episodes of “South Park” by heart, Rachel Parker has had a passion for content ever since she was old enough to hold a crayon (purple, please). Throughout her 15-year marketing career — five of those years spent as a copywriter in one of Houston’s largest advertising agencies — Rachel has helped brands such as Reliant Energy, Hewlett Packard, AIG American General, and SYSCO Foodservice to connect with their customers. Over the years, she’s developed a distinct talent for being able to communicate in the voice of the client, often eliciting the comment “You get me, Rachel. You just get me.” Rachel is also a classically trained soprano (though these days she has little time for singing), an avid gym rat (boxing, anyone?), the happy wife of a software architect/fellow geek, and the proud mother of three rambunctious dogs (pug Sophie and beagles Hermione and Cooter). In 2016, she’s set her sights on completing a second triathlon … and maybe taking a vacation.